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Apprentice Program Frequently Asked Questions

Apprentice Program frequently asked questions

The League XS Apprenticeship Academy of Cosmetology and Barbering

  • Are my previously accumulated hours from a Barber or Cosmetology school transferrable?
    No, hours from a school are not transferrable. You can transfer hours from another apprentice program only.
  • Will the apprentice program find me a job?
    No, we are not responsible for job placement. We will utilize our established network to help find apprentices jobs/workplace.
  • Can I work as a Booth Renter?
    No, apprentices must work in an employee-based business. Apprentices must provide proof of the wages they receive and workers compensation insurance. This information can be obtained from their employer and turned into the apprentice program sponsor.
  • Can I work in two locations?
    Yes, apprentices can work in two locations only when the establishment is owned by the same person or company.
  • Can I use FASFA to pay for my program fees?
    No, we currently do not accept FASFA.
  • Do you have financial aid?
    This program is approved to work with WIOA via Cal Jobs. This means grants can be available for those that qualify. Grants are issued by the state/county and must be sought out through their provided sources.
  • Do you have a payment plan?
    Yes, students are allowed to make payments toward their balance. 
  • Why does this program charge more than $2500?
    “I did a little research and I found out that I can’t be charged more than $2500.”

The $2500 fee limit refers to the Pre-Apprentice Program only. This program is a Pre-Apprentice and Apprentice Program and our fee is approved by The Division of Apprenticeship Standards. We offer hands on training, process your license that is issued by state board, assist with finding employment and provide a professional tool kit. Also, our students can continue with their education even after they achieved the required number of hours by the state board. In addition, students that attends our program or have graduated from our program will not be charged when attending  classes beyond the required course hours. We are the only program or school in California that offers this. 

  • When do I get my apprentice license? We can apply for your license after the completion of 39 hours of class training.
  • When can I start work? You can begin work once you have received your license. Your license will be mailed to your work place. The process from sending your application for license to state board to receiving it in the mail may take 4-6weeks.
  • Can I work and go to school at the same time? Yes, the focus of this program is to get apprentices into the work force as well-trained Cosmetologists and Barbers. 
  • What services can I perform in the salon? You can perform any service that is offered in your workplace if you have the skills to do so with an apprentice license. In many cases the services offered in a salon are determined by the establishment owner.